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How to Pick and Store Canadian Magic Mushrooms Grown from a Kit

by Mia

It may be a fun and gratifying experience to Grow Magic Mushrooms with a Kit in Canada. When your mushrooms are fully grown, it’s crucial to know how to harvest and store them properly to preserve their potency and durability. We will look at the suggested procedures for collecting and preserving magic mushrooms that were produced from a kit in Canada in this post. Click Here Magic Mushroom Kit British Columbia.

Magic Mushroom Collection:

Examine your magic mushrooms closely to see when they are ready to be harvested. The veils securing the caps to the stems should have disintegrated, allowing the gills underneath to be seen. This indicates that the mushrooms are fully grown and prepared for harvest.

Soft Harvesting Method:

To prevent harming the mycelium or other mushrooms that are still developing, pluck magic mushrooms gently and cautiously. Gently twist the stem while holding it towards the base until it separates from the substrate. The mycelium might be disturbed and future development impacted if the mushrooms are pulled or torn firmly.

Correct Handling:

Use clean hands to handle freshly gathered magic mushrooms to avoid infection. The mushrooms should not be handled too much since they might be sensitive and easily damaged. Excessive handling might also transmit germs and oils from your skin, which could damage the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Mushroom Magic Drying:

The best way to store collected magic mushrooms is to dry them. When dried properly, mushrooms may be kept for a long time without losing a lot of their power. Place the mushrooms in a low-humidity, well-ventilated location to dry them. You may air-dry them by setting them on a spotless surface with sufficient airflow, using a dehydrator, or a fan. Avoid direct sunlight since it might reduce the mushroom’s potency.

Storage receptacles

Transfer your magic mushrooms to storage containers after they are totally dry. For storing mushrooms, glass jars with airtight lids or vacuum-sealed bags are often utilized. Make sure the containers are tidy, dry, and devoid of any moisture, since moisture may encourage the formation of mold.

Storage circumstances:

For magic mushrooms to remain potent and durable, proper storage conditions are essential. To prevent deterioration, keep the dried mushrooms in a cool, dark, and dry location. The psilocybin content and general quality may be harmed by exposing them to severe temperatures, wetness, or direct sunlight.

Identification and Labeling:

It is crucial to identify your dried magic mushrooms in order to avoid misunderstandings and guarantee safe usage. On the storage containers, write the strain name, the harvest date, and any other pertinent information. This aids in classifying and cataloging the many batches or types of mushrooms you have grown.

Using responsibly:

It’s important to be aware of the possible negative consequences of magic mushrooms and to use them appropriately. Learn about recommended doses, possible hazards, and your own tolerance. Start with a modest dosage and raise it gradually as required, always in a secure and cozy setting.


To preserve their potency and purity, Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada must be carefully harvested and stored. You may retain the potency and reap the rewards of your cultivated magic mushrooms by utilizing gentle harvesting methods, drying the mushrooms correctly, choosing appropriate storage containers, and keeping ideal storage conditions. Always remember to use magic mushrooms responsibly and put your safety and well-being first while doing so in Canada.

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